An evening with Diptyque and Tan Yuan Yuan

What a treat. WHAT A TREAT. We spent our evening with the folks at Diptyque trying out different perfume scents and comparing our senses. Szymon bought us Tubereuse to enjoy when we finally agreed on a compromise for what kind of scent we would be taking home. 20% of the proceeds go to the San Francisco Ballet.

Writing about this scent is a real challenge. It reminds me of Jasmine but with a more tingly feeling at the tip of your nose. The Tuberose is a flower with a very sensual name associated with the word "swollen". Szym and I narrowed it down after smelling nearly every scent to "Tuberose" or "Baies" (apparently one of the more popular scents). What. A. Treat.

Imagine our surprise when Tan Yuan Yuan walked through the doors of Diptyque. I gently asked whether it would be appropriate to ask for a picture and received permission. What. A. Treat.

My sister Joyce sent me this clip: of a very interesting interpretation of Beethoven's Appassionata. The world of ballet is completely changing and it's absolutely wonderful.

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