Please do not feed the birds ( but there were no birds to be seen )

I had an early morning flight and was looking for a good place to lie down. Being homeless for four hours in the early morning makes one notice the most obvious things. For example: All the chairs have armrest dividers. In any case, I started walking around and looking around to see what my options were. It was cold outside and relatively warm in the airport. There were a couple of homeless that were actually staying in the airport and not being bothered but none of them looked particularly comfortable.

I tried to use that fact to explain why I was jarred by the "Do not feed the birds" sign. I didn't really see any birds around and didn't really see any humans either. I tried to pinpoint why I felt so uneasy. I don't know if it's Hitchcock or the birds that scare me a little but it's not like I was hoping there were some around. I think it was the combination of the bird-less silence of the airport *and* the mystery of who or what had posted the sign that made me uneasy.

It also happened to be Oscar night (post-the-booboo announcement) and all the television channels were talking about what had happened exactly. I counted exactly one person watching and I'm not even sure that they were actually watching.

I walked down to the baggage claim area. There were no incoming flights. I took a still photo but the panels were still going round and round with no bags on them. In comparison to the upstairs though, this was loud.

I spotted some smart carts neatly arranged. I suppose the carts are considered smart for not requiring any other assistance in making themselves useful. Although, the carts also weren't of any use without any people around. So they were just there waiting and being smart for not requiring any help.

Right next to the smartecartes was a SIM card dispenser readily available which accepted both cash and credit card. I couldn't help but wonder that these SIM cards would be awfully useless without a mobile phone. Then again, who doesn't have a mobile phone anymore? I had noted that the vagabond upstairs had a newer phone model than I did.

A SIM card machine which only dispensed part of the solution for making a phone call seemed particularly excessive when I spotted these other machines. These phone booths were likely pretty functional but with their ears and mouths ripped out, the phones appeared to be lifeless even if there were live wires inside. I, myself, don't have a phone that accepts SIM cards. Then again, I also don't usually have quarters on me.

The bird-less market demands were clear though as I then came across these vending machines originally made to sell potato chips. They had been repurposed to sell a partial connectivity solution as well. As in, these SIM cards also require GSM phone or something to use the cards with. Unfortunately, this vending machine in and of itself was only a partial solution. It admitted its own version number by clearly displaying that it accepted cash only. I put myself in the mindset of someone who had quarters and no phone. That would be mighty frustrating.

It appeared that this problem with lack of cash was readily solved with a nearby ATM which dispensed cash assuming that you have a plastic card. Well, I suppose those with only cash on hand really don't belong in an airport. Or, at least, you're stuck there and are going to have to make some friends in order to call a friend.

Later on, I saw a similar marriage between a cash-only SIM card and an ATM machine. It really made me think that the less birds there were, the more prevalent these machine marriages seemed to be. I started to wonder whether the airport was trying to be welcoming or not and whether it made sense to find a hotel for a few hours. I walked back downstairs looking for an exit.

At that point, I spotted these identical beauties next to the parking lot. They accepted both cash and card and were clearly the newest inhabitants there. Even cars need a place to sleep.

I was getting sleepy after walking around with my backpack. I started to wonder whether I would be destined for the floor that early morning (at least I hadn't seen a machine for that). Right when I was about to find a good clean spot on the ground, I spotted this clean gap ... and then I just planked without an alarm waiting for the sound of people to wake me up.

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