New Years, and a First Class Christmas in the Aspen, Colorado Airport

I bought a last minute ticket home and got a free upgrade to First Class on the first leg back through Aspen. I enjoyed my first leg sipping on Coca-Cola, and coffee and reading Steinbeck where I think I caught a typo:

I believe it should be "slurp"? Moving on.

There were two legs to my flight back via Star Alliance. On the first leg, I was upgraded to First class. On the second leg, I was in the second-to-last row on the plane but have the sweetest story to tell. A guy behind me chose to sit in the last row waiting for the person who had that seat. When a very nice lady came to claim her seat, he told her that he was visiting his girlfriend in San Francisco and that she could have his First Class seat if she wished. She had a stunned look on her face that was so excited and happy that it made everyone's day. As she scurried to the front, the content guy quipped: "The back of the bus, is now the front of the bus!". I chuckled and had a great second leg flight somewhat jealous that I hadn't thought to do this on my own first leg. Star Alliance FTW!

Being very comfortable sporting my MIT hoodie and backpack in the front of the bus.

When asked for fish or chicken, I always say fish. Then, I realized that I didn't really feel like having any protein.

I love the beautiful clear horizon up in the air. When we got off the plane at the Aspen airport, I was totally surprised to be greeted by a bear!

The Aspen airport is essentially a ski lodge and the best part is that they have seats which don't have sleep dividers!

In my terminal, there were exactly two pieces of artwork done by local artists celebrating the "Winternational" sport of skiing.

Loved the Christmas tree decor and the cozy feel of all the gates which each had it's own door. Yet, you could potentially walk through any one of them. It was absolutely amazing to get in on New Year's Eve.

For New Year's Day in San Francisco, Szym and I enjoyed breakfast at Brenda's Soul Cafe where I ordered gumbo at 9am (yes, they were open) and finished it off with beignets and coffee.

We had a movie to catch!

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