Gearing up for a second semester at CCSF

This semester, I'll be teaching the last offering of CS111A (Introduction to Java) and two sections of the Shell Scripting (CS160A ) and later on CS160B. Last semester, I had the opportunity to try out a few new pedagogy concepts and am incredibly grateful to the talented students at CCSF. Special thanks to Timothy, who seemed to already be a Linux pro whilst taking the course and gave me some delicious candies that I parsed out and snapped some photos below. Apologies for the missing ones as Chad and I ate just a few to make sure we weren't all going to end up getting overdosed at City College.

City College is an incredible place to be right now. Tuition is free, and while the teachers don't get paid very much, the learning and sharing of knowledge goes both ways. For example, how easy it is to get fooled by a bag of sweets. Yet, CCSF students (and teacher) knew what kind of treat had landed. I'm looking forward to another round of this type of sharing this coming semester.

The main challenge and focus this semester will be the introduction of miniature computers for my Intro to Linux course. I've been armed with some of the best material from Greg Boyd, Dave Brown, Craig Persiko and Pat Hanrahan. I'll be looking forward to sorting it all out and presenting it with my two sections.

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