Traditional Dim Sum is primarily a Cantonese tradition that (by now) the rest of the world has the opportunity to enjoy. Although not an expert connoisseur by any means (mostly curtailed by the fact that I don't particularly enjoy eating meat), I still discover new dishes every so often that I get to add to my collection of favorites! Pictures mostly from Wikipedia and links to recipes for some of these goodies.

I've left out a lot of dimsum dishes that I *don't* actually prefer. For example, I've never really liked deep fried spring rolls on their own for some reason. I like to dice them up and put them in a savory soy-based soup as an alternative to fried dough (I love the more traditional fried dough + soy milk combination too though). I also don't like some of the traditional stuff like chicken feet, pig's feet , shrimp dumplings etc. Not exactly sure why, just not into it :p Anyway, here are some of the items I do like!

Turnip Cake
Taro Root Dumplings
Soup Dumplings
Pot Stickers
Rice Noodle Rolls
Tofu Skin (Yuba) Wrap
Lotus Wrap with Savory Sticky Rice
Hong Kong Style Calamari
Stuffed Tofu
Fried Dough Wrapped in Rice Flour
Pan Seared Egg Tofu
Glutinous Rice Dumpling
Lotus Root Pie
Sticky Rice

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