Grandma's Choice 2016

Eight years ago, my sister interviewed my grandma to figure out what Grandma (we call her Ma-Ma because she doesn't like to be referred to as Grandma) would be doing for the upcoming elections. This year, she says that she'll be voting from her new home since they will be bringing the ballots to her. She had to move this year from her completely independent one-bedroom apartment to an independent-living home which is more of a dorm-style living after having a few accidents. She still has her own apartment but has some extra help for laundry and meals. She also had to get a walker instead of a cane, and landed herself in the hospital after a nasty fall. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her, though, other than low blood sugar, and she wanted to get out of the hospital ASAP. All in all, she's not doing too bad for a 96-year-old lady! She still has plenty of insights and things to say about the events going on around her.

These were her remarks for President in 2008:

DRUMROLL: Grandma's remarks and who she will be voting for in 2016

She may have flip-flopped a little from her opinions in 2008, but I think its for the better. In any case, we absolutely love Ma-Ma. Enjoy!

I apologize for my unprepared-ness for interview questions. Had I known ahead of time Grandma would be up for another video, I would have tried to squeeze in a few more good questions! Also, I didn't have the help of Joyce Woo this time around so not my forte. Er. I mean fault.

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