My Sister's Wedding

Joyce and Chris' wedding was fantastical. They had some amazing photos of the wedding taken by the photographer so you can head over to her page for that. Unfortunately, when you're the one participating in the event, you don't get the time to tour what you paid for! The simple assignment of being Joyce's sister for the evening flew by in the blink of an eye and I didn't get a chance to tour the galleries. Even though Joyce and Chris took care of literally *everything*, there were still those last minute issues (like Mom forgot her dress at home and we got her a new one on the wait to the event!) The cover picture is of me giving my 2 cents.

Luckily, Joyce and Chris had some amazing guests that took the time to enjoy the galleries at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Not only that, I got to enjoy everything from an artist photographer's perspective. Talk about 4 (and now 5) layers of Meta! Actually, there are far more layers than that. I'll post more as I find out more about these artists.

WenHao Lu owns an art studio in Philadelphia, PA

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