Testing Out Market Interest Using Kickstarter

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Kickstarter Preview

One of the super-valued characteristics of a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur is to be able to so-called "hack" the system. If you try to apply to Y-Combinator or any of the more prestigious seed funders, they will actually ask you to answer such a question.

I've decided to use Kickstarter as a means of testing out interest in so-called crafty projects. Although Kickstarter is very very careful to not share e-mails and other private information with it's users, any project launched on the platform does give some good feedback data for market testing. It really is a great platform for creativity. I've had a lot of fun preparing my first Kickstarter campaign.

The process asks you to go through a sequence of steps including posting a story and providing descriptions of rewards. Going through this process in and of itself is quite helpful to the otherwise chaotic creative mind. It helps you put together a cohesive timeline as well as provide a platform for sharing and gathering comments. Having a title space, a video space and a text body gives a lot of room for developing the perfect piece of marketing content.

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