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What a terrific evening with L'Oreal. Myself, Morgan DeBaun, and Grainne Barron were selected for our startups. Check out more about the specifics of each of our startups here. That's the serious stuff.

Above image courtesy of Grainne (I learned it's Irish for Grace). I'm going to caption it though with: Getting on the Bandwagon!

For me, the highlight of the day was hearing Sue Carter of the Kinsey Institute speak about love, and physical responses. It was insightful, scientific, honest and incredibly relevant to the world we live in today.

L'Oreal also treated us like queens for the entire day. Aside from a beautiful dinner, and a wonderful stay at the Dream Hotel, we were also given vouchers for the Rent the Runway and a host of free jewelry from BaubleBar. This was incredibly special and it was the perfect highlight of a wonderful trip to NYC.

This group shot shows off how I need to work on my posing in front of text paper. Suck it in a little and not be in the tippy toe shoes. I think I got it better in the follow up shot. Cool thing: we each picked those dresses completely independently and coincidentally all chose black while at the same time having different styles!

Dress I picked out here. I rarely go on fashion trips but in this situation, I actually paid an in-person visit to the RTR store in NYC Flatiron. The moment I walked in, I totally got overwhelmed by the number of choices. My initial thought: just pick one, try it on, and move on. The thing is, once you start trying on one thing, you suddenly start to see the nuances. Given the number of choices in that store, I spent nearly three-and-a-half hours trying out different colors, shapes and sizes. I probably wouldn't want to do that again but it was a pretty worthwhile experience the first time around.

More about my three hour trip at RTR Three hours later, I felt like I had picked out two perfect dresses. There aren't any price tags on the RTR dresses but the L'Oreal gifts were so generous that I didn't really have to pay any attention there. I take my two choices up to the counter and RTR tells me that one dress became reserved and thus would be taking priority (probably in the three hours I was in the store). I thought no problem, I'll go for my second choice. Well, my second choice turned out to be a $30 rental. OK, absolutely nothing wrong with that except I judged myself with: "wait a minute, I have better taste than that!".

OK, so I went back to take out my dream dress. I wasn't sure how formal the event was actually going to be but I thought if I went for my actual favorite who cares? Well, *that one* turned out to be $350. I considered dishing out the extra $150 but then I thought I'd probably stick out like the most dressed up caterpillar at the event.

So I ended up going with one of my first try-ons. I just needed the smaller size in M and I didn't realize that you could simply ask for it! Its also terrific because its actually laser cut and super simple. Love! Parker here. If only I had just stuck with my first choice within the first fifteen minutes, I could have saved three hours. Ah, but then I would have had this lovely experience.

Grainne (Grace) Barron:

Team Blavity, more about Morgan here:

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