A New Pair of Docs!

I've had a pair of Doc Martens ever since the eighth grade. And the same pair mind you. I recently went in to the retail store to see if I could get them fixed up by a cobbler. Unfortunately, I heard that there was no such service. Instead, I got these lovelies.

These shoes can be serviced for a lifetime once you register the code that comes with them. My code is A157266. It's been used so don't even think about trying it again. In fact, I'm a little confused because I have yet to receive a confirmation for my registering these boots. Oh well, we'll see what happens when its time to get them fixed up. In the meantime, I am still looking for a skilled cobbler who can fix up my old Doc Martens. They seem to be really hard to come by!

I got inspired to do a few ballerina poses in them:

Can't wait to break them in. They're still a little hard and pinchy at the moment.

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