An evening with Norm MacDonald

Having a bit of a hard time coming up with a good tag for listening to Norm MacDonald's comedy. We were super fortunate to grab a few tickets for the San Francisco show. Norm prepares hard for his shows but you would never be able to tell.

Who can read Norm's handwriting?

After an hour or so of brain-scratching comedy, a guy being escorted out of the room, and a suggestion by Norm to ask for half-off our comedy tickets ... we managed to get at the head of the photo line and I let Norm ruin my beautiful bag with a signature. I'm just kidding, I'll be treasuring this gift. We went out to get some drinks at a nearby bar where the CUBS WON. On our way there, I spotted these guys just hanging out around the corner and I wanted to take a picture.

They turned around and gave the camera their best. Thank you!

There was a show right after us, so we had to get out of the way. Line was completely wrapped around outside the door.

The perfect event to pair with our evening at Renaissance Weekend

Don't Do Crack

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