Fitting in a Trip Out with Keely and friends

Studio Crawl is an event put on by San Francisco Design Week where participating designers open up their studios. Since we only had one evening to hit all the stops and I need a little extra time catching my breath (at 20+ weeks preggers), I spent some optimizing our trip by first prioritizing independent designers and then mapping out the locations.

For the complete list, you can see here: List of studio crawl. You can also see their own descriptions there.

Based off of my own notes, I wanted to take a look at independent work, consultancies and then furniture (in that order). Also, some of these places are fairly familiar to me already so I didn't have much interest.

  • Council Design: Neat curation of furniture items. Good for getting a lay of the land before making any decisions on what kind of furniture to spend money on

  • Level: Design Consultancy for a number of high-profile products

  • Panafold: Independent. Broken website, specializes in calligraphy and other types of design

  • Peak Design: Independent. Makes bags and holders for cameras

  • Propelland: Design Consultancy/studio featuring many independent mobile app, tech developers

  • SAP.IO: I work here, so am biased. Mostly software and organizational apps

  • Casper: Mattress factory

  • Cosmo: Design factory, makes gizmos and gadgets (reminds me of Yves Behar)

  • Playground: Independent. Coffee + gizmos related to coffee and being together

  • Mission BIcycle: makes bicycles

  • Norden Living: Furniture, gives a lay of the land

  • Lunar: Design Consultancy/studio gives a lay of the land

  • Studio Roeper: Furniture, specializing in the way we dine

  • Box Clever: Design Consultancy/studio gives lay of the land. They're in Moma!

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