Room Available for Someone Chill

Room available for someone chill and ready to derive moderate feelings of self-actualization outside of work and social media.

Are we experimental?

Yes, on ourselves but not on each other.

Do we have daytime jobs?

Yes, we have jobs that pay money: the paper kind. sort of... more like computational money.

The above is a picture of the living room. Do you have other pictures? Yes, here are some more pictures of our fully furnished rooms.

A house is basically a really clean bathroom. How many bathrooms do you have?

2-3 people per bathroom

What things do the roommates like to do?

We like to clean things, trim bushes, build stuff and be chill. We also like to throw parties when things come together naturally.

Oh, what do parties in the backyard look like?

They can look like a lot of things. Here's one in the backyard:

Here's one featuring a talk

Here's one featuring a recipe from This was an event thanking my student teaching assistants


Cool, what else do you like to do?

Grow plants in the window sill. Unlike people, a plant has never done anyone wrong.

How about hopes and dreams, do you have any?

Yes, we would like to start a physical/virtual storefront of some sort expressing the thoughts and ideas we have. We are thinking about a theme of "tiny objects" and "giants" and we have a few things in mind. Here is a picture of empty boxes if you feel inspired:

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