Social Media Had a Role in Electing Trump

As my older and usually more mature friend Henry says: I have only ever had one man get elected into the Presidential office that I actually voted for and that man was Obama. In a sea of tears after commiserating in a San Francisco parade, and at a local bar; I thought to myself:

Pull yourself together. Learn from Hill. I <3 SF. Let yourself be personally offended, sad and angry for several more years. Read some Zadie Smith.

Trump is terrifying. In one of my social media posts (which I will relay here because who knows I might just get fired from a writing job that they never paid me for in the first place by killing me on Facebook), I explained to someone why Trump, Hillary, Peter Thiel, and even fucking Matt Damon are all terrifying. (Also, as far as I know, Facebook did not kill me.)

Part of the problem is that women's contributions and achievements go regularly un-noticed AND women are forced to play a game defined by man kings. Donald Trump and Peter Thiel have played an absolutely remarkable game, but women have more to offer than to play games. I hate to use a biblical example but it's like the two women who were ordered by King Solomon to cut the baby they were fighting over in half. Some humans are willing to sacrifice the baby and relinquish ownership. Other humans opt to cut the baby in half. It feels like Donald and Peter are not only ready to cut babies in half but then to also negotiate for the better half. In the game we have come to live in, many seem to glorify and celebrate this behavior. This is absolutely horrifying to me.

Social Media could have done more to bring people together before the elections. Why didn't it? Social media has turned me into a passive-reading animal. To put my mind where my mouth is, I read several opinions on the bigger Internet afterwards: here and here are two that stuck with me.

Even if I didn't agree with many of HIll's policies, I felt like she would have an overall higher effect as a role model. Of course, I can completely understand why some see past that and prefer Donald Trump. Unfortunately, we will really have to stand by and see whether or not Trump is the bad hairstyle provocative leader his campaign and supporters have painted him to be. The aftermath is already here. There is so much poop to clean up. I love all my fellow poopers and poop cleaners.

With that image of a ton of poop in mind, I bring up Fucking Matt Damon. Please don't pay to go see this new movie directed by Zhang YiMou: The "Great Wall" or whatever. Constance Wu has no time to be moved by charming peculiar looking warrior-princes coming to save you in the Asian world and neither do I. Matt Damon better be dressed as a fucking alien for that role. My heroes are Hillary, Mandela, Gandhi and Malala.

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