It’s going to be a very special Thanksgiving!

Arthur Woo Song: born 11/21/19, 8lb 12oz

Obviously, there’s already been like 1000+ cute pictures taken of him and his brother but I wanted to document some of the more practical logistics of raising a newborn with an older brother that’s only 1 year older (11/3/19)

It’s only Day 4 on planet earth and 4 days after Mami had major surgery so we’re all just taking things day by day with the help of drugs, pumps and mental:m/emotional support from family and friends. We came home this morning and I felt like I had to hit the ground running. That movie about Matt Damon living on the moon... I’d like to see a remake where Matt’s potato crops don’t die and he just decides it’s cool to stay on the moon.

Anyway, on to the topic of the moment: breastfeeding: Its on my mind as this will be the exclusive item on the menu to keep Arthur alive and well for the next six months. I’m lucky thus far in that I have great supply. The downside is that I do have some raw nipples from AJ, some engorgement pain to manage, surgery recovery and this time around the necessary schedule of feeding every 2-3 hours comes with more to deal with with the older sibling in the house. Luckily help is on the way for the older one.

Here’s a typical schedule of how I’m handling that

6am: breast pump and store in plastic Medela bottles. Reserve about 2oz fresh milk for baby.

7am: Clean bottles and feed baby, change diaper.

9am: Warm up 2oz milk, feed

11am: Warm up 2oz milk, feed

1pm: Warm up 2oz milk, feed, change diaper

3pm: Warm up 2oz milk, feed

6pm: Warm up 2oz milk, feed

6:40pm: breast pump and store

9pm: Warm up 2oz milk, feed

11pm: Warm up 2oz milk, feed

3am: Warm up 2oz milk, feed, diaper change

Does this sound right?

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