Introduction to Computer Science (My third semester teaching at City College SF)

You can find this semester's materials here

In addition to that, however, we've been playing games and analyzing them outside of class. As I present this material in class, we're also posting the material on our CCSF website here

Update 9/18/2018

I attended some curriculum development programs this morning at City College SF and wanted to take some notes on the important schtuff

  • Curriculum approval process is done through Curricunet which can be accessed by logging in at

Dana runs the curriculum training sessions so I wanted to make sure to get a few questions answered:

  • What are the typical timelines for getting curriculum submitted, approved?

  • Currently, the proper times to submit course modifications for are Fall 2019

  • Calendar for Approval Dates

Some of the things to think about are the following:

  • Cross-listing
  • Units and Hours (Needs Department Chair Approval)
  • Pre-requisites, Co-requesites
  • Consultations - If this course may overlap with course content from another department or if this course has a requisite from another department, consultation with and signoff by members of that department are required.
  • Course Applicability
  • Field Trips (Requirements for places to go, etc)
  • Method of Grading
  • Disciplines (Minimum Requirements: e.g. Computer Science, Masters, Bachelors etc)
  • Student Learning Outcomes (You want to be able to assess these outcomes)
  • Content
  • Assignments
  • Evaluation Methods (Quizzes and Final Assessments should be separated)
  • Textbooks
  • Websites (Put down the name of the website)
  • Other Instructional Materials
  • Codes and Notes
  • Originator and Dates

One of the textbooks for this course is from 2003 >.<

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