Grace Woo

I was born in West Philadelphia and brought home to 13th Street in February of 1986.

I am the founder of Pixels.IO after introducing VRCodes at the MIT Media Lab. I had quite a bit of popular exposure after graduating with a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (2012). I am a fighting Illini (B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2005) as well as a graduate of the Illinois Math and Science Academy. My MS & PhD thesis advisor was Andy Lippman. My advisor at UIUC was Douglas L. Jones.

I received a NSF GRFP fellowship in 2005. I am always involved in a number of organizations I find important. Here are some prior ones I am very proud of: WECE, MIT Media Lab, Habitat for Humanity

The purpose of this webpage is to keep unorganized thoughts as organized as they possibly could be and to generate discussion (if only with myself) on more complex issues. There is plenty of shiny in my world. Of all my instruments, I am most fascinated with the keyboard. Part of this could be due to the fact that my mother is a piano teacher. She is most certainly my #1 influence (even if you consider counting from 0).

If your name is also Grace Woo (and believe me, there are many) and would like to use this domain name in any manner, please send me a note. I have met some very accomplished Grace Woo's which is quite humbling considering the coincidence that the Universe decided to give us the same name. Photo from Elle Magazine 2014 (inaugural Women In Tech celebration):

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