The Vegan Wellington

After spending about six hours in the kitchen following directions that Anastasia had composed ... a beautiful wellington (vegan) emerged from the depths of the kitchen. The recipe is fairly complex, with lots of steps and it literally keeps you on your feet the entire time. The good news is that the kitchen gets filled with the smell of some very complex spices that one would otherwise not consider putting together. Lemon juice is an essential component here. It makes the mushroom concoction just pop.

Even though I got tired of doing this particular recipe the first time, this is already at least the second or third wellington that Anastasia has put together. That's actually a few days of work on this one snapshot. The taste test is fairly good and the flavors are very holiday. We had a few testers give us some feedback and I have a feeling we'll be doing at least another iteration of this one before adding it to the menu. Eek!

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