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9-30-2014: Honored to share thoughts with all those tapping the glass ceiling at womensphere.org. I will be giving a keynote related to motivation and what we are doing at Pixels.IO. Stay tuned as I will post favorite notes from the summit. check out older news on the right

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Little Notes from a Great Day Oct. 3, 2014, 10:55 p.m.

Some of the best thoughts that I took away from the womansphere.org event organized by Analisa Balares. Rajiv Pant shares that it's great to give advice because it holds yourself accountable. Amy Liu explains the importance of being able to communicate well in any organization and how to be the best team leader given whatever individuals you have to work with. Vivianna Blanch explains how everybody deserves a chance and there is nothing more useful than going out and doing something. Dr. Elodie Ghedin gives very practical advice for how to fund basic research. Also, a very real look at the laboratory world. An amazing day with some great speakers.